Event summary posted and next steps in progress.

We have posted a summary of the discussion that occurred at the fishbowl here. One thing that was clear from the discussion was that there was still so much more to discuss! For example, of the 17 topics we hoped to discuss, we only really hit on 5 of them.

Topics we discussed to some extent include the following:

  • Important themes and values found within accessibility research
  • Introduction to the iSchools for accessibility researchers
  • Disseminating research results (as publications, open source technology, etc.)
  • Legal and ethical concerns (e.g., IRB, recruiting challenges)
  • Integrating service learning into course curriculum, benefits and lessons learned

Topics we missed include the following:

  • Connections between accessibility research and related fields
  • How is iSchool accessibility research different from accessibility elsewhere?
  • Accessibility for people who don’t have disabilities (e.g., foreign languages, situational impairments, culture, economics), e.g., universal access
  • Challenges of and needs for effective machine transcription systems
  • Barriers to accessibility within iSchools
  • Lessons learned from accessibility and related research
  • Respecting participants and including them in research
  • Entering and working within participant communities
  • Conducting longitudinal research with people with limited abilities
  • Conducting research in situ or in the lab
  • Participatory research and design
  • Open areas that still need active research

We look forward to continuing this discussion on these topics and more in future iSchools- and accessibility-related events. Stay tuned for announcements of when our next event will be!


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  • About the Event

    This purpose of this fishbowl session is to encourage discussion and collaboration within the iSchools accessibility community, and to identify and build connections between “traditional” accessibility research for people with disabilities and researchers in other topic areas who address related concerns.
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