Fishbowl on accessibility issues in the iSchools accepted!

We just heard that our proposed event “Accessibility in the iSchools: Not Just for People with Disabilities?” was accepted to the iConference 2012 program! This website will document the event and its outcomes. Stay tuned for more information on this event, the organizers, and how to participate!


  1. I’m not against making schools more accessible I think it’s actually going to help a lot for example ever broken/sprained a leg or ankle it makes it difficult to get to class when it’s up a fight of stairs

    • Thanks for your input! Our research focuses on accessibility of information and of technology, rather than physical accessibility of spaces, but these are great points!

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  • About the Event

    This purpose of this fishbowl session is to encourage discussion and collaboration within the iSchools accessibility community, and to identify and build connections between “traditional” accessibility research for people with disabilities and researchers in other topic areas who address related concerns.
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